Our mission is to support construction businesses with the education, inspiration, and innovation they need to succeed. We cannot teach you your trade but we can most certainly help you better manage your sales, increase your closing rate, and market your business.

So, check out these free workshops. Your one-time registration gives you access to all on-demand and live workshops and seminars. It is our pleasure to share our business development and marketing knowledge and expertise.

Free Business Development Workshops

What Are the Key Sales Activities That Top Construction Companies Perform? Are You Performing Them at Your Company?

Top AEC companies invest time and resources in developing high-performance sales teams and business development processes and standards.
In this workshop, participants will take a deep dive into the business development practices of top AEC companies.
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What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Learn What CRM Is and Why Your Construction Company Needs It.

CRM refers to the technology and processes used to manage clients, leads, bids, opportunities, and projects. With a good CRM tool, you can arrange and prioritize all your leads, opportunities, and follow-ups in one centralized system that your whole team has access to. The right CRM for your construction company will be easy to use, keep your customer and sales data up to date, automate your proposal process, and give you accurate and insightful metrics. Learn more about managing sales with a CRM and empowering business developers to win more bids.
Attendees of this 1-hr workshop will learn how to organize sales, easily create proposals, schedule and automate follow-ups.
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Eliminate ‘I Forgot to Follow-up’ from Your Company.

Follow-up is one of the most important sales activities estimators, business developers, and salespeople will perform at their company. And yet it is one of the activities that most construction professionals don’t have time to perform.
This 1-hr workshop dissects the follow-up process. Attendees will learn how to organize sales to never skip a follow-up again.
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How to Build Trust and Win More Projects.

Client relationships and price are the two most important drivers in winning projects in construction. Building trust with your current and potential clients is a crucial step in a construction company’s business development strategy.
In this 1-hr online seminar, participants will examine the 4 most important steps in gaining potential clients’ trust with the scope of winning more bids. Register for On-Demand Workshop or Live Session

Increase Your Closing Rate by Up to 35% – A Step-by-Step Guide

Closing rate is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) a company should constantly measure and improve. For construction companies, it is more than an indicator. It is a tool that can be used to make a company more profitable. You don’t necessarily have to sell more to raise your bottom line. You can empower your business developers with the tools and the strategy necessary to increase their closing rate.
Attendees of this 1-hour online workshop will learn how to increase their closing rate by up to 35%. Register for On-Demand Workshop or Live Session

Proposals: Create Clear, Accurate, Beautiful Proposals to Impress Clients.

A proposal is one of the most powerful sales tools a construction company holds in its arsenal. This education session is dedicated to improving the content and enhancing the look of your proposals.
Attendees will leave this workshop with a library of new proposals templates and knowing what information to include in proposals to win more projects. Register for On-Demand Workshop or Live Session

Free or Inexpensive Technology Tools to Streamline Your Sales Process and Save Time & Money.

Competition is constantly increasing in the construction industry. Construction companies with a competitive advantage will stand out of the crowd, and price is not always the answer. A streamlined sales process, proposals completed with all the information a client needs, and consistent follow-up could give your company the advantage over competition.
Workshop attendees will walk away with a list of free or inexpensive technology tools and the knowledge to implement them to give their construction company the competitive advantage. Register for On-Demand Workshop or Live Session

15+ Key Metrics To Measure Your Construction Company’s Performance and Identify Growth Opportunities.

Capturing data about your leads and opportunities is a good thing. Tracking metrics that show your company’s performance using this data is a great thing. But identifying growth and improvement opportunities from these metrics is the best thing.
Workshop participants will identify 15+ metrics to measure their company’s current performance and identify growth opportunities. Register for On-Demand Workshop or Live Session

Master the 10 Steps of the Business Development Process.

Business development for construction companies is a complex process. From generating leads, to identifying opportunities, and winning bids, there are 10 steps that require exceptional execution to ensure success.
During this workshop we take a close look at each step in the construction business development process, what activities to perform, and which technologies to employ to ensure success.
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How to Automate Manual Work, Save Time, and Increase Performance of Your Business Development Team.

The construction industry is still plagued by manual work – tasks that construction estimators, business developers, and marketers complete manually every day. Say goodbye to updating spreadsheets, copying and pasting from doc to doc, writing down bid due dates, and making To Do lists. Explore ways to automate work and increase the performance of the sales team.
Workshop attendees will identify the key processes that can be automated and how to automate them.
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Free Marketing Workshops

Create Stunning Marketing Brochures and Flyers Without the Help of a Graphic Designer

Marketing brochures, flyers, and other company presentation materials are very important to the image you put in front of your potential clients. But how do you create professionally-looking marketing materials without the help of a graphic designer or the cost of a design agency?
We have the answer and we will share it with you in this 1-hr workshop. Participants will learn how to create stunning presentation materials. No graphic design skills required.
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Turn Your Website into a Business Growth Tool

Today, everything is simple, fast, and online. And when we have a question, we Google the answer. But how can you make sure that your potential clients find your website when they Google ‘mechanical contractor near me’? And even more importantly, how can you make sure that they call you once they get to your website? The answer is ‘by turning your website into a business growth tool’.
Attendees of this 1-hour interactive online workshop will identify the key elements of an effective website. They will leave the session with a checklist to analyze their website and an action list to transform it into a business growth tool.
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Build a Project Portfolio Flipbook

Your project portfolio is the best proof you can provide your potential client that you are the right fit for the project. It is also a tool for your marketing and business development team to quickly reference and extract the information they need when putting together proposals and customer presentations.
This live online workshop will teach you how to gather the data you need and create a project portfolio flipbook that you can share with your customers.
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10 Email Marketing Best Practices for Construction Companies to Reach New Clients.

Email marketing still is one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can execute. The challenge marketers face is standing out in their prospects’ crowded inboxes.
In this workshop, we will discuss 10 best practices that construction companies can apply immediately to improve their email strategy and reach more potential clients.
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Establish a Successful Social Media Presence.

Should construction companies use social media? The answer is yes! 97% of construction professionals are active on social media. Social media can help you build credibility and trust and increase awareness for your brand.
This online workshop will explain which social media platforms are best for construction companies and how to build a prominent presence on each.
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Learn How to Use Adobe InDesign for Your Proposals or Brochures in 60 Minutes.

Adobe InDesign is an application used by graphic designers and creative professionals to create impactful marketing brochures, presentations, flyers, and other materials.
This online interactive workshop is a 1-hr crash course that teaches you how to use InDesign for your marketing, business development, and sales needs.
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Learn How to Enhance the Look of Your Proposals with Word in 60 Minutes.

A proposal is one of the most powerful sales tools a construction company holds in its arsenal. Most AEC firms use Microsoft Word to create proposals. That can be cumbersome and limiting when it comes to look and feel. This education session is dedicated to enhancing the look of proposals with Word.
Attendees will leave this workshop armed with a library of new Word proposal templates and knowing how to create advanced graphics with Word.
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Create Stunning Presentations to Impress Potential Clients.

PowerPoint is a powerful application to create presentations when it is used right. Put too much text on a slide or add too much animation, and your presentation is too hard to follow. Not enough graphics or lack of color will make your presentation fall flat. So what are the ingredients of a stunning presentation?
This workshop will teach you all you need to know and provide you with templates you can use for your construction company.
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