Never Miss a Bid Due Date or Follow-up

Missing a bid due date is not an option in construction. Never miss a bid due date or follow-up again with iDeal Construction CRM. With daily email reminders, a pipeline sorted by due dates, a calendar that shows bids, follow-ups, tasks… it’s impossible to miss one again.

iDeal Construction Bid Calendar to help you never miss a bid due date again

iDeal CRM Features To Help You Never Miss a Bid Due Date Again

Daily Reminder Emails

Daily reminder emails are crucial to stay on top of your bids, follow-up, tasks, and all other events. iDeal CRM offers several reminder emails. Each user can set up the week day and time to receive them.

Bid & Follow-up Calendar

Missing bid due dates and follow-ups is fairly common and understandable in construction. Seeing all bids, follow-ups, and tasks on the calendar helps your sales team never miss a bid due date or follow-up again.

Sorted Pipeline Board

The iDeal Sales Pipeline Board shows all your bids, opportunities, and projects sorted by bid due date or follow up date, depending on the their status. An important feature to never miss a bid due date!

Daily Reminder Emails to Never Miss a Bid Due Date or Follow-up

Several types of daily reminder emails available, such as your daily To Do’s, list of opportunities by bid submission status, follow-up list, what’s coming up in the next week

Bids due are sorted: due today, late bids, due in the next 7 days

Choose a day of the week and time when you want these delivered

Customize which emails you want to receive

Daily email reminder contains tasks along with bids and follow-ups

iDeal Bid Calendar - Agenda View
iDeal Construction Bid Calendar

Bid & Follow-up Calendar

The iDeal Calendar monthly and agenda views are perfect to keep you on task and on track with all your bids and follow-ups.

All views show bids, follow-ups, tasks, events

You can filter what you see on the calendar by type

View all jobs and sales activities per sales rep, team, or entire company

Printable views to aid sales meetings and personal To Do lists

Color-coded per type and showing sales rep initials and teams

Pipeline Board to Never Miss a Bid Due Date or Follow-up Again

Visualize all your bids, opportunities, projects, or leads by stage

Prioritized view: cards sorted by bid due date or follow-up date depending on the stage

Customize stages to fit your sales and bidding process

Filter by sales rep, team, or view all at once

Each ’tile’ or ‘card’ shows critical info such as bid due date, clients, proposal(s), tasks

Tasks can be added straight from the pipeline board.

Construction Pipeline Board to Never Miss a Bid Due Date or Follow-up Again

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