Track Client Awarded Jobs in iDeal CRM

The ability to mark and track client awarded jobs is very beneficial for contractors and general contractors who bid multiple clients for a project. Being the first to know who got awarded puts you ahead of your competition in the bidding war.

Highlighted on the Pipeline Board

Marked on the Opportunity Detail Page

Report on Client Awarded Jobs

Easily Track Client Awarded Jobs on the Bid Board / Pipeline Board

Your sales pipeline board is one of the features you can use to track client awarded jobs.

Once marked awarded, opportunities/jobs are marked with a star on the pipeline board

The awarded client is listed first on the board cards

When you expand the card the awarded client is highlighted

Also when you expand the card, you see the proposal status for all clients, including the awarded one

Filter the board to see only client awarded jobs

Track Client Awarded Jobs on the Pipeline Board
Opportunity Detail Page - Client Awarded Jobs

Marked on the Opportunity Page

Awarded client marked with a star on opportunity page as well and listed first

Opportunity bidding stage is automatically switched to bidding awarded

Ability to follow-up via email straight from the opportunity page

Other opportunities with the awarded client shown on the page so you have an overall view of all the work you’ve won with that client and what other opportunities you have open with them.

Advanced financials and forecasting calculate shown on opportunity page as well

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