Seminar: How to Best Manage Bid Activity & Jobs with Multiple Bidders

Live Seminar: How to best manage bid activity & jobs with multiple bidders
Host: Alex Andreescu, Fire Protection Engineer & Construction Business Owner
Tuesdays @11:00 am EST

You can’t win the job if you’re not in the race! Sending out bids on time and following up is crucial to a construction sales team. So how do you effectively manage your company’s bid & follow-up activity? 

A centralized bid & follow-up calendar and a bid board are only two of the tools discussed. Join our host as he shares an entire arsenal of tools that help construction companies monitor and manage bid activity.

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Meeting Dates: Every Tuesday
Meeting Time: 11 a.m. U.S. EST
Host: Alex A., Fire Protection Engineer & Construction Business Owner

Free Live Seminar - How to Manage Bid Activity & Opportunities with Multiple Bidders

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