Construction Sales Process Example Download

This sales process example download explains how to implement a construction sales process step by step. It reinforces the sales process as an important framework for the success of your company.

What you get with this sales process example:

  • Obtain a basic understanding of a sales process
  • A detailed sales flowchart that shows how your opportunities should flow smoothly through the stages
  • Kick-start your own sales process by using the editable diagram
  • A template that you can customize for your own sales process
  • Detailed list of sales activities and responsibilities for each step in the process

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Not Sure Yet Whether You Should Implement a Sales Process?

When you implement and enforce a solid sales process like in this example, you build a framework for success. And when you fully support your sales process with construction CRM software or construction sales software, you put your sales people in control. They are not ‘quote and hope’ salespeople anymore. They are in control of the deal and its outcome.

Also, when you download and implement this well-defined sales process, you set clear direction for your sales people to become more efficient and effective. And productivity and effectiveness directly impact your bottom line.

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Why and How to Implement a Construction Sales Process