The 7 Steps of the Construction Sales Process

The 7 Steps of the Construction Sales Process

Processes are an integral part of running any business. A construction sales process, like all internal processes, drives consistent behavior. The sales process steps provide a framework for how an organization will achieve its goals and objectives.

How to Set Sales Goals for Your Construction Sales Team

How to Set Sales Goals for Your Construction Sales Team

Not only do seasoned construction sales executives know how to set goals, but experience has taught them it is both Science and Art. Setting sales objectives requires a great deal of knowledge of your territory, customer needs, and competitive landscape. This article discusses how to incorporate both approaches into actionable and inspirational sales goals for your construction sales team.

Increase Sales Revenue with

Increase Sales Revenue Through Pipeline Management Software in Construction

Pipeline management software is a tool that helps sales teams manage their sales data and sales activities more effectively. The best pipeline management software is specifically designed to help sales teams manage all their opportunities, leads, prospects, clients and all sales activities associated with them in one place.

How to Motivate Your Sales Team in Construction through Goals, Rewards, and Leadership

How to Motivate Your Sales Team in Construction

If you are a construction executive or business owner, you’ve surely discussed how to motivate your sales team on more than one occasion. How do you motivate your salespeople and estimators to achieve sales targets? What motivates a salesperson the most? It is crucial that everyone remains motivated until the prospect is converted to a client and the jobs are won and delivered.

Sales Forecasting Benefits

Top 7 Sales Forecasting Benefits

There are many sales forecasting benefits, and the specifics differ by industry, but in general the benefits you reap from adopting a sales forecasting practice apply across the board. Sales forecasting is a critical function for any organization that wants to achieve its sales goals.

How to Build a Successful Sales Calendar

How to Build a Successful Construction Sales Calendar

A sales calendar is a tool that is used for planning, organizing, and tracking sales activities for a given period of time. It is a tool that provides a way to stay organized and prioritize your sales activities so you can hit your weekly goals. A sales calendar helps you focus on the right opportunities in order to generate the highest revenue. Learn how you can implement a successful Sales Calendar.

Sales Pipeline Stages Explained

Sales Pipeline Stages Explained

Sales pipeline stages are a big part of sales pipeline management. And good pipeline management is crucial to business success.