Best CRM for Construction Features. Built to Fit the Construction Sales Process.

Monitor and Manage Bid Activity

One of the best CRM for construction features is to quickly view all opportunities by bid due date and understand where you are in the bidding process. You will surely send out all bids on time with this feature.

Bid Multiple Clients for One Job

Do you receive multiple ITBs for the same job? No problem. iDeal CRM allows construction salespeople to enter multiple clients and create multiple proposals for one opportunity!

Construction Proposal Software: Create, Send, Track Proposals

Create professionally designed proposals in minutes. Hundreds of proposal templates available at no cost. Create, send, and track proposals from the same system.

Manage Client Data & Contact Data in One Place

Client company and contact profiles contain not just standard data, but also related opportunities, proposals and their status, client pipelines, notes, related tasks & emails, and analytics.

Bid Calendar: View All Bids, Follow-ups, Tasks, Events

How many times do you check your email, calendar, or spreadsheets to see what needs to be done? The iDeal Bid Calendar shows all your bids, follow-ups, tasks, events, in one place.

Never Miss a Bid Due Date or Follow-up Again

Missing a bid due date is not an option in construction. With daily email reminders, a pipeline sorted by due dates, a calendar that shows bids, follow-ups, tasks… it’s impossible to miss one again.

Construction Reporting and Quota Tracking

Understand your sales performance. Identify opportunities to improve problematic areas that need to be addressed. See who are your best performing clients, or salespeople.

Track Opportunities, Bids, Projects

Expand your pipeline to include stages for leads, opportunities, and projects so you can have a complete view of current and future work. Each user can customize which stages they see.

Track Important Job Information with Built-in Opportunity Fields

Job profile pages come equipped with all the construction fields you need. Due dates, value, cost, clients, awarded client, architect, engineer, bid docs, RFIs… all construction fields you need.

Identify and Track
Client-Awarded Jobs

When bidding is so competitive, being able to mark and track client-awarded jobs is crucial. iDeal differentiates these opportunities visually so you can follow-up with the right client.

Easily Send Multiple Follow-up Emails for Construction

Follow-up emails represent one of the key elements in winning a bid in construction. The iDeal Follow-up Tool allows you to send follow-up emails to multiple contacts. It even groups multiple jobs in one email!

Mass Email Sender for Contacts or Prospects

Sending email campaigns for a new service, location, or holiday greeting is easy with iDeal. You can also target a group of contacts, like building owners or architects to up-sell or cross-sell.

Leverage Job Forecasting and Win Rate Reports

Job forecasting and win rate reports allow your sales team to concentrate on the most profitable opportunities and also on the ones you have the highest chance of winning.

Track Everyone’s Sales Pipeline

Managers and executives can easily monitor each salesperson’s pipeline to ensure they reach their goals. Pull up everyone’s pipeline in team meetings and quickly set priorities and tasks.

Fast Onboarding and Initial Data Imports

Virtual training sessions, documentation, training videos, and live chat make onboarding fast and easy. Import functionality makes your system setup a breeze. All at no extra cost.

Outlook, Gmail and Other Integrations

iDeal CRM comes integrated with Outlook and Gmail and other programs. Our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure also allows us to integrate with any other system that are needed.

The Most Powerful CRM for Construction Features

Easily manage opportunities, bids, clients, and contacts.
Create, send, and track professionally designed proposals.
Never miss a bid or follow-up again with the construction calendar.
Follow-up consistently with reminders and the iDeal follow-up tool.
Leverage sales reports to increase your closing ratio and revenue.

Manage your entire sales process and team with the best CRM for construction built by contractors, engineers, and software specialists.