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Construction estimates calculate how much it will cost to complete the scope of work for the project you are bidding. Cost estimation is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in the construction bidding process for construction projects of all types and sizes. Without accurate estimates, construction companies risk profit loss or even worse, having to pay out of their pocket to finish the job. So, it is safe to say that having a proven, successful estimating process is in the interest of any construction company. And construction estimating software is the tool that streamline this process.

One of the biggest challenges in construction cost estimating is the time it takes to list all cost items for each project without missing important items, document cost items and labor costs, and then putting it all together in a professional bid proposal to be shared with the client.

This is where construction estimating software can help construction companies streamline and improve their estimating process. iDeal’s construction estimating software helps estimators quickly create detailed, accurate cost estimates for the projects they’re bidding by starting from templates or existing estimates. Estimators can then use iDeal’s proposal creator and transform their cost estimate into a professional proposal they can email to their client directly from iDeal CRM.

iDeal's Construction Estimating Software

iDeal’s Construction Estimating Software Features

The iDeal sales and project management platform incorporates estimating features to streamline the estimating process for construction companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a 1-man shop or a company with ten estimators, our construction estimating software will fit and meet your needs.

  • Estimate Templates
  • Reusable Estimates
  • Itemized Costs
  • Markup and Profit
  • Professional Proposals

Estimate Templates: Reduce the time it takes to create cost estimates with estimate templates

Estimate Templates

Estimate templates are key to creating fast, clear estimates. Rather than starting cost estimates from scratch for every new project, jumpstart the process by simply loading your cost data from an estimate template as your starting point. All iDeal CRM subscriptions allow you to save an unlimited number of estimating templates to help cover all construction project types. iDeal users take advantage of this feature and create templates for each type of work or service they offer and each type of building or structure.

Reusable Estimates: Reuse construction estimates from similar jobs and save time

Reusing estimates from similar jobs is another key feature of iDeal’s cost estimating software to help you save time in your bid management process. Chances are that you are doing a lot of the same type of work in similar buildings so you can reuse job costs or project costs. Copying your estimate from one project to another is an easy way to save time in your estimating process. From there, simply modify labor hours, labor cost and material quantities and cost to complete your estimate.

Reusable Estimates in iDeal Construction Estimating Software
iDeal's Construction Estimating Software

Itemized Costs: Create detailed estimates with separate engineering, materials, labor, and other line items

Not all jobs require granular cost estimation. However, if you’re bidding a job at low margin or you’re just starting out in construction, calculating detailed costs is important to keep your jobs profitable. With itemized costs on the iDeal estimating tool, job costing is accurate, and you can create estimates that are as detailed and granular as you need to.

Calculate Markup and Profit: Include overhead, profit, and other markups in your cost estimation

Two important numbers to include in your construction estimates are overhead and profit. You cannot build a successful construction business without covering your office, maintenance, software expenses and adding a profit percentage to all your bids. Each estimate you create with iDeal’s construction estimating software includes overhead, profit, and other expenses ensure that your construction project is a success.

Calculate Markup and Profit with iDeal Construction Estimating Software
High Quality Proposal Designed with iDeal CRM HTML Proposal Software

Professional Proposals: Create beautiful proposals that include your cost estimate with just a few clicks

Not all jobs require granular cost estimation. However, if you’re bidding a job at low margin or you’re just starting out in construction, calculating detailed costs is important to keep your jobs profitable. With itemized costs on the iDeal estimating tool, job costing is accurate, and you can create estimates that are as detailed and granular as you need to.

What is the best estimating software for construction?

Like other construction software solutions, estimating software comes in many shapes and forms in the construction industry. From a more simplistic construction estimating tool to very robust software solutions that incorporate cost item databases and even real-time cost updates. The best construction estimating software for your company is the one that fits your needs and budget. Construction estimating software can be a standalone application, part of construction bidding software or bid management software, part of client relationship management (CRM) software, or part of project management software. So, choosing the right estimating software depends on your company’s overall strategic needs

How to select the best estimating software for your company?

If you don’t have your own material cost list or database but require software to tell you the price of materials in real time, then a standalone estimating software might be the right solution for you. This type of software focuses only on cost estimation and may not have features to manage customer communications or projects through completion for example.

If your needs expand outside of cost estimation and into sales and managing the preconstruction process, then a sales CRM with an estimating tool will better address your requirements. Ideally you would want a sales CRM with estimating and proposal creation capabilities that also includes some project management features. This will ensure you can track your jobs from lead phase, through the sales process, and once won, through project completion.

Commercial construction estimating software vs residential construction estimating software

Another aspect to consider when selecting construction estimating software is the residential vs commercial construction company. Because residential construction estimating needs are a little different, you should mainly look at residential construction estimating software. If your company handles commercial work, then a commercial construction estimating software will fit your needs better. However, many of the construction estimating software solutions out there fit both residential and commercial needs.

Create Construction Estimates in Minutes with iDeal’s Construction Estimating Software

Start your construction projects off on the right foot with accurate estimates. iDeal’s construction estimating software is a simple, user-friendly estimating solution that has a big impact on sales teams who use it. Estimating times are cut in half or more. The ability to quickly create clear, accurate estimates and then transform them into professional proposals that impress the client puts iDeal sales teams above the others.

Start with an estimate template or an estimate from a similar job. Then edit and add as many line items as needed to accurately calculate your construction costs. And finally, create a professional proposal with iDeal’s construction proposal software that will surely stand out.

Besides construction estimating software, iDeal CRM also features lead management, project management, construction proposal software, marketing support with mass emailing functionality, and more. iDeal Construction CRM is an end-to-end sales and project management solution for construction companies of all sizes for a very reasonable price.

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