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A construction proposal is as important for a construction sales team as outdoor dining is for a restaurant. It can be the differentiator that wins the bid just like patio seating wins diners over on a cool summer evening. But putting together a professional proposal is not as easy a task as it may seem. This is where construction proposal software comes in to help estimators and sales teams create professional proposals fast and easy.

An effective proposal that wins new clients must be clear, accurate, and eye-catching. It should include all the necessary construction proposal elements and none that are unnecessary or obsolete. If you’re looking for a great construction proposal example, this article covers several types of proposals from business proposals or marketing proposals to bid proposals, estimates, and quotes.

Impressing potential clients and converting them into customers is one of the highest priorities for construction companies of all sizes, trades, or maturity level. This is where a robust construction CRM software makes a big impact. A CRM that incorporates proposal software like iDeal Construction CRM, helps construction sales teams set up proposal templates and create accurate proposals much faster than any other solution. The iDeal proposal software includes a variety of templates for any type of construction company, general contractors, subcontractors, engineering, or architecture firms.

Proposal created with iDeal's construction proposal software
High Quality Proposal Designed with iDeal CRM HTML Proposal Software

Create High-Quality, Professionally Designed Proposals in Minutes!

With the iDeal construction proposal software, creating quality proposals is extremely easy. You can start from one of the many professional proposal templates that the iDeal online proposal maker comes equipped with. Or you can import your own proposal. These templates are created by the iDeal graphic design team in collaboration with our construction services team. They are also curated and voted as best proposal templates by hundreds of construction companies. To get started with one of these proposal designs, simply install the template from the iDeal library and edit the content where needed.

Use Automation to Pull the Right Data with Merge Fields and Placeholders

With iDeal CRM, next time you need to create bid proposals or project proposals, simply select the opportunity, click on create proposals, select the template, and create. Just like that, you create professional proposals with the correct client and project data. Notice we keep saying proposals in plural because with the iDeal construction proposal software your sales team creates one or multiple proposals at once.

Automation pulls the right data with merge fields and placeholders in iDeal's construction proposal software

iDeal CRM Features 2 Construction Proposal Creators

iDeal CRM features a robust proposal software that includes not 1 but 2 online proposal creators each with built-in customizable templates. iDeal CRM takes your sales team to the next level making it easy to manage projects, create and send high-quality proposals, and consistently achieve all their deliverables.

Word Proposal Generator – Construction Proposal Generator

Because Microsoft Word is the most widely used application to create proposals and other documents in construction, iDeal CRM features a Word proposal creator. It comes equipped with project proposal templates and bid proposal templates to get your sales team started quickly with the software and consistently create quality proposals. And because it looks like Word and works like Word, your company’s current proposal creation workflow doesn’t change much, making this proposal creator easy to adopt and implement for construction companies. To summarize, the iDeal Word Proposal Generator:

  • Looks and works like Word on your computer.
  • You can import your own proposals or proposal templates and even copy/paste from your existing documents.
  • Includes a variety of pre-designed templates available in the Word proposal generator that you can install and use as starting points to build your own templates.
  • Generate one or multiple proposals at once.
  • Insert and re-size images (screenshots of plans, building images, team members,…)
  • In addition, you can save and customize unlimited proposal templates to expedite proposal creation.
  • Edit proposals as needed. All versions are saved to track changes.

HTML Proposal Generator – Construction Proposal Creator

iDeal CRM also features an HTML online proposal maker. This functionality is more flexible and allows your team to be more creative with their proposal design. This proposal tool also includes predesigned templates and blocks. And your sales team doesn’t need any graphic design skills to build beautiful proposals. With integrations, automation, merge fields, and placeholders, the iDeal HTML proposal creator is an incredibly effective tool for your sales team to put out professional proposals and achieve their deliverables.

To summarize, the iDeal HTML proposal generator:

  • More flexible in terms of graphics. Works with drag-and-drop blocks and allows overlaying. Features calculating price tables. You can create other materials like brochures & flyers.
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates available in the HTML proposal generator that you can install and use as starting points to build your own templates
  • Generate one or more proposals at a time
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for blocks in the HTML construction bid proposal software
  • You can create and save your own reusable blocks
  • Features calculating pricing tables. You can create unlimited reusable pricing tables to fit any type of work you do or bid proposal you send out.
  • Insert and resize images (screenshots of plans, building images, team members,…)
  • In addition, you can save and customize unlimited proposal templates to expedite proposal creation
  • Edit proposals as needed. All versions are saved to track changes.

Make Construction Proposals with Ease

iDeal’s construction proposal software has a big impact on construction sales teams who use it. Proposal creation times are cut in half or more. The ability to create multiple proposals at once saves sales teams tens of hours a week. Automation, merge fields, and placeholders ensure that each proposal has the correct client information and content. Proposals are always consistent and professionally looking. All this functionality comes together to support construction sales teams deliver accurate and professional proposals on time, to the right clients, and more of them week after week.

Besides proposal creation software, iDeal CRM also features lead management, project management, pipeline management, construction estimating software, marketing support with mass emailing functionality, and more. iDeal Construction CRM is an end-to-end sales and project management solution for construction companies of all sizes for a very reasonable price.

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