iDeal Construction CRM software helps construction sales teams move opportunities forward.

iDeal Construction CRM software is the most robust sales software for construction.
Prioritize your opportunities and bids while bringing your entire sales team on the same page. Create professional proposals. Automate emails and follow-up. Manage leads and clients in one place. Bring everything together into actionable reports.

Construction CRM - Sales Management Software for Construction

Construction CRM Software. Bid Management Software. Construction Proposal Software. Sales Pipeline Management.

Bid Multiple Clients for One Project

Track all construction bids and their status. iDeal Construction CRM is a sales management tool specifically built for construction.

Construction Proposal Software

Create professionally designed proposals in minutes. Choose from hundreds of available templates or build your own. Send & track proposals from one system.

Track Your Sales Pipeline Effectively

Visually organize and prioritize opportunities and bids with an intuitive drag-n-drop pipeline board with this contractor CRM tool.

Follow-up with Your Clients Consistently

Get alerts when a client opens your proposal. Follow up with the right client at every point in the bidding process!

Make Informed Decisions with Construction Reports

Advanced reports built for construction. Sales report with remaining to quota & profit, bids by bid submission date, and more.

Manage All Your Clients and Contacts

Centralize all leads, clients, and contacts. Detailed company and contact pages with open bids, proposals, and follow-ups.

What Is the Best Construction CRM Software? is a construction CRM software built to help construction companies manage their opportunities, clients, bids, proposals, and
follow-up. Create, send, and track proposals. Expedite and automate follow-up. iDeal CRM is easy to use, construction specific,
and cost-effective.

You can try it free and see for yourself. No credit card required. No strings attached.

Why iDeal Is a Great Construction CRM and Construction Sales Management System

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All your bids & opportunities
organized on a pipeline board

Comprehensive client profiles including open and closed deals, tasks, comments

Quickly create, send and track beautiful proposals; even multiple proposals at a time

Construction calendar with bids, follow-ups, tasks, and events, all in one

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