Bid & Follow-up Software. Construction CRM.

Manage opportunities, bids, and clients. Create, send, and track proposals. Expedite and automate follow-up with iDeal Construction CRM.
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CRM for Construction Contractors. Bid and Follow-up Automation

Bid multiple clients for one project. Track all construction bids for an opportunity. Contractor CRM helps you follow up with the right client at the right time.

Your opportunities are clearly organized with a contractor CRM & prioritized with an intuitive drag-n-drop board of opportunity info cards.

Create 1 or 100 proposals in 3-clicks. Create proposals for all the clients you bid on one project at once with a simple Word-like processor.

Save Time & Money

A company with 3 salespeople, each sending out 2 proposals a day saves an average of $34,000/year.

Calculate Your Savings

Get alerts when a client opens your proposal. Follow up immediately with the right client. Automated follow-up at every point in the bidding process.

Construction CRM Software Solutions

You Send Out Bids Every Day. With iDeal, You Create and Send More Bids Faster.
So You Bid More Work. So You Win More Work.

5 Reasons Why Contractors Use CRM Software

  1. Track a Sales Pipeline Effectively
  2. Build Relationships and Boost Productivity
  3. Improve the Sales Process
  4. Improve the Customer Service Experience
  5. Make Informed Decisions


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Construction CRM and Sales Management Tool for Construction

If you are a Construction Contractor, Sub-Contractor, General Contractor, or A/E Firm, this sales CRM is for you. iDeal CRM for contractors fits the construction sales process, the way you communicate with your clients and contacts. It fits the way you create and send proposals and how you take an opportunity from ‘invitation to bid’ to a ‘job in progress’.

Sales CRM for Contractors that Helps Construction Companies Dramatically Increase Sales
Everything about iDeal CRM was built for the construction industry. To help companies just like yours better organize opportunities and all your contact data. Help create and track proposals and follow up consistently with the client that is most likely to give you the job.

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