Construction CRM.
Bid & Follow-up Software.

Manage opportunities, bids, and clients. Create, send, and track proposals. Expedite and automate follow-up with iDeal Construction CRM.
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CRM for Construction Contractors. Bid and Follow-up Automation

Track all construction bids and their status. iDeal Contractor CRM is a sales management tool specifically built for construction.

Visually organize and prioritize opportunities and bids with an intuitive drag-n-drop pipeline board with this contractor CRM tool.

Create 1 or 100 proposals in 3 clicks for every client you bid on a project. You can also import your own Word proposals and templates in iDeal CRM.

Save Time & Money

A company with 3 salespeople, each sending out 2 proposals a day saves an average of $27,000/year.

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Get alerts when a client opens your proposal. Follow up with the right client at every point in the bidding process!

What is the best construction sales management software? is the construction sales management software built to help construction companies manage their opportunities, clients, bids, and follow-up. Create, send, and track proposals. Expedite and automate follow-up. iDeal CRM is really easy to use, construction specific, and very cost-effective. Don’t believe us? Enjoy it for free!

There are many reasons why iDeal CRM is great construction sales management software:

  1. Visualize all your opportunities with a clear sales pipeline – Stay on top of all your opportunities with a single glance. A visual sales pipeline reduces the risk of bids falling through the cracks. Opportunity board, list views, calendars, and task lists allow you to easily follow your entire sales pipeline, from new leads and opportunities to estimating, follow-up, and closeout.
  2. Create, send, and track proposals – The iDeal Proposal Creator helps you create professional-looking proposals with just a few clicks. Bidding multiple clients per opportunity? No problem. You can create multiple proposals at a time, send them to the right contacts, and track to see who opened your proposals.
  3. Follow-up at every stage of the opportunity – The iDeal Follow-up Tool helps you quickly follow-up with the right people, at the right time, and on the right opportunities. As a result, increasing your closing rate has never been easier.
  4. Gain sales insights with reports, dashboards, and client profiles – Relationships are extremely important in construction. We all know that! iDeal reports, dashboards, and comprehensive client profiles offer you the insights you need to make informed decisions.
  5. Get started in minutes – iDeal CRM is equipped with construction sales management templates. The sales pipeline fits construction sales and can be easily customized with the stages you need. Use one of our pre-made construction sales management email templates, or create your own. Import your contacts and clients from Excel with one click so you can get started instantly. Everything is fully customizable—no coding necessary.

Your job as a construction business developer or sales manager is hard enough with finding leads, countless bids to manage, and high closing rates to achieve. is here to make your workday easier.

Enjoy the construction sales management platform. No credit card required. No strings attached.

iDeal CRM Software Features



Organize your sales in 1 central system. Manage & prioritize leads, opportunities, and clients.


Streamline the bidding process. Create, send, and track bid proposals.


Increase your winning rate. Follow-up on bids & proposals consistently.


Identify profitable clients, growth opportunities, and who your best closers are.

Improve your sales process. Track performance. Increase your winning rate.


A company with 3 salespeople, each sending 2 proposals a day saves an average of $27,000/year.


Companies who use iDeal increase their winning rate by 20% in just a few months.

5 Reasons Why Contractors and A/E/C Firms Use CRM Software

  1. Track a Sales Pipeline Effectively
  2. Build Relationships and Boost Productivity
  3. Improve the Sales Process
  4. Improve the Customer Service Experience
  5. Make Informed Decisions

You Can Bid More Work & Win More Work with iDeal Sales Management Tool.


Construction CRM and Sales Management Tool for Construction

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If you are a Construction Contractor, Sub-Contractor, General Contractor, or A/E Firm, this sales CRM is for you. iDeal CRM for contractors fits the construction sales process. How you communicate with your contacts and clients. How you create and send proposals. And how you take an opportunity from ‘invitation to bid’ to a ‘job in progress’.

iDeal is a sales CRM for contractors that increases sales.
iDeal CRM is built for the construction industry. To help companies just like yours better manage opportunities and all your contact data. To help sales teams create and track proposals and follow up consistently with the client that is most likely to give you the job.