Top Commercial Construction Bidding Websites

What are the best construction bid sites? Selecting the best construction bidding platform can be time-consuming and stressful, even for the best construction companies. We took the time to do the research on construction bidding software for you! Our findings highlight the top commercial online construction bidding platforms for construction projects.

Construction Bidding Platform Article

Online Construction Bidding Sites

The construction bidding process is a complex one. Top construction companies get commercial projects for bid from online construction bidding sites. Getting the right online platform for your construction projects is crucial.

Selecting the top commercial construction bidding platform and bidding on construction projects is time-consuming and stressful. For example, should you try free construction bid sites? With all the construction bidding websites available, you can get to a roadblock. We took the time to do the research for you!

Our findings include subcontractor bidding sites and general contractor (GC) bidding sites. We highlight the top commercial bidding websites for bidding commercial construction projects.

Please note that there is no specific order to this list of the top construction bid sites. The best construction bidding software is the one that meets your company’s needs. Also, please keep expectations of free bidding sites for construction realistic.


BidClerk (Bid Clerk) is one of the top commercial construction bidding websites or contractor bid sites. It is geared towards commercial construction companies. You can access commercial bids from the United States and Canada through this construction bid app. The construction bidding software connects construction professionals with opportunities in the commercial construction space.

This construction bidding app is very detailed and easy to navigate. Use the drop-down menu to select a state or province to start your search. Once you make a selection, you will land on a dashboard that is very detailed. You see a list of all current commercial construction projects in the location you selected. On the left side you can use different filters for your search. You can only use a limited number of filters, unless you choose to subscribe with them. For example, status, sector, and building use are available without a BidClerk login.

BidClerk does not break out costs on their website, but you can sign up for a free Bidclerk trial. At the time of this post, users reported BidClerk pricing to be about $50-$75/month for a market area.

If you choose to subscribe, your BidClerk login offers the following benefits as one of the top bidding apps:

  • Saved searches
  • Keyword search
  • Start date
  • Bidding events
  • Pre-bid events
  • Construction type
  • Last updated
  • Project value
  • Postal code
  • Certifications
  • Stories
  • Floors below grade
  • Unit types

To get started, list your contact information and your business information. BidClerk is a contractor bid site that offers powerful tools to help you find contractor bids online with your BidClerk login:

  • Bid Alerts
  • Searchable Documents
  • Powerful Search
  • Analytics and Forecasting


ConstructionWire is one of the top commercial construction bidding sites. It offers an impressive amount of information. Some contractors consider ConstructionWire (by BuildCentral) to be one of the best construction bid sites. On their homepage, you can look up information based on projects name, companies, or people. The project reports give you accurate leads on new construction projects. In addition, the company reports will give you access to detailed profiles for the companies involved. In addition, you will have access to detailed profiles of key decision makers. Subcontractors can get full reports about the parties involved. ConstructionWire construction bidding software provides networking opportunities for GC and subcontractors on their platform. If you’re looking for a free construction bid leads services or construction bid management software, Construction Wire might be the right tool for you.

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial. They offer three membership plans to choose from based on your needs:

  • Regional Portal
  • National Portal
  • Data Services

BuildingConnected for Construction Bidding

Our construction bid management software research revealed BuildingConnected as another example of great construction bidding websites for construction. Some of the top construction companies considered it one of the best construction bid sites. General contractors can use this commercial construction online bidding platform to manage their bidding process.

As one of the top online construction bidding websites, Building Connected clearly outlines the bid management process from start to finish. The company prides itself on being the largest real-time construction network. They also boast a friendly user interface (UX). Using this platform, you can send out invites in less than ten minutes and manage them from one place. BuildingConnected gives you the ability to compare and contrast bids side by side. As a result, the platform supports company-wide analytics, historical cost data, and relationship tracking. Sign up for a free demo of the three tools for:

  • General Contractors and Owners
  • Sub Contractors
  • Risk Teams


If you’re looking for commercial construction bids, Plan Hub is a great resource as both a subcontractor bidding site and GC bid management site. It is another online bidding platform that companies consider as one of the best construction bid websites. Whether you’re looking for construction bid leads or for construction bid management, PlanHub is a great platform. It is a free cloud-based application, with no hidden fees or upgrade charges for  subscribers. Registration is free. They provide resources for both GCs and subcontractors. The GCs can sign up and post their projects in a few minutes. The subcontractors can sign up and bid on projects in their area. You can filter the construction projects by states. Using this platform, GC and subcontractors can access projects files from any location.

The main features of the construction bid management software for the GC using this website are:

  • Free registration
  • Ability to send invitations
  • No limitation on number of projects
  • Unlimited team members
  • Activity tracking
  • Bid organization
  • Instant messaging
  • Subcontractor database
  • Unlimited file space

The main features of the software for construction subcontractors include:

  • Free access to the online plan room
  • Bidding on construction projects
  • Customized construction project relevancy
  • Out of network construction bids
  • Efficient communication with the RFI Center

Building Radar

Building Radar is a powerful commercial construction online bidding platform. Some of the best construction companies use it. For example, the construction bidding software highlights worldwide construction projects. However, the main feature is the speed at which you can find the most relevant construction leads. Building Radar’s unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology can predict construction projects months ahead. Therefore, contractors can use the construction bid management software to effectively allocate their resources. They get more exposure,  increase their chances of selling their construction services, and earning more revenue. You can choose any of the three plans when you sign up with them, based on your role in the construction industry:

  • Starter Package
  • Professional Package
  • Enterprise Package


Without a doubt, top construction companies leverage construction bidding websites for data, leads, opportunities, and project bidding and/or management. There are many construction bid sites. Our research focused on subcontractor bidding sites and GC bidding sites for commercial construction companies. In most cases the construction bidding websites accommodated both.

We recommend you read our article on How to Get Construction Leads for further insights.


iSqFt is one of the top apps for construction bidding and construction bid tracking. For starters, the information on this contractor bidding website is well organized. Moreover, with an login, construction professionals can connect, communicate, and build relationships. When it comes to finding construction projects to bid on, the isqft app offers commercial construction companies a solution for:

  • Subcontractors
  • General Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers and Distributors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Project Owners

Clearly, iSqFt is one of the best construction bidding websites. For example, its construction building software helps customers find the right people, projects, and opportunities for growth. However, for full access to the services, you have to create a profile on their sign-in page. To sum it up, the isqft login will grant construction contractors access to isqft costs, actionable information, and tools that will support them to become top construction companies.

Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source is another construction projects bidding platform that you should consider. Firstly, their website is very easy to navigate.  Their construction bid options are very clearly laid out. Secondly, the homepage displays a search bar that allows you to you to look up construction projects. Thirdly, you can select to search projects by states or based on services. Last but not least, registration is free of charge. Suffice it to say, some top construction companies consider Construction Bid Source to be the best free construction bid management software. They also provide the following features:

  • What’s Bidding by State
  • List of “Hot” Projects
  • Latest Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Program Solicitation Ads

If you’re looking for construction bids online, is not just one of the top general contractor bidding sites, but one of the top subcontractor bidding sites. It is a great commercial construction online bidding platform. In addition, Dodge Global Network operates with Dodge Data & Analytics. is a very robust platform with extensive information on construction projects. Their platform can help customers seize market opportunities through market research and forecasting. Besides that, it helps businesses with their workflow integration and generates leads. No wonder then, that some of the best construction companies leverage the synergy Dodge Global Network and Dodge Data & Analytics. To get started, request a demo from their website.

  • Increased Exposure
  • Analytics for Increased Profitability
  • Product Catalog for Projects
  • Research and Reports
  • Integration with Dodge Data & Analytics

Top Commercial Construction Bidding Platforms by iDeal CRM