5 New Construction Sales Trends

At the beginning of every year or quarter it is important to incorporate construction sales trends into your sales strategy. Successful companies adapt. The ones who don’t, lose momentum and are left behind. Which group do you subscribe to?

Lining up your strategy with the new construction sales trends will have positive impact long term. Here are five sales trends to analyze:

  1. Educational and Sales Content
  2. Sales Software (such as Sales CRMs are the new construction sales trends)
  3. Social Media Usage for Business
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  5. Gen Z Entering the Workforce

#1 Sales and Educational Content Gets to Rise and Shine

One of the newest construction sales trends is that sales content takes a new turn. When you create quality articles that compel your audience, they influence revenue. Experts suggest marketing and sales teams should stop reinventing the wheel. They should create less content, but make it count and recycle it in different types. Here are four types that stand out:

Educational Pieces: Text, Video, or Audio

Educational pieces have been one of the biggest construction sales trends for a few years now. One of the main reasons is because these writeups or videos are very engaging for the audience. Teach your visitors and prospects how to do something of interest to them and they will come back to your site. Offer valuable downloads and advice and they’ll subscribe to your newsletter. Make DYI videos and How To’s and they will subscribe to your channel

User Generated Sales Content

User-generated content (UGC) takes the main stage. UGC allows consumers or clients to create and share articles, videos, and audio pieces about a specific brand. Instead of having the marketing team develop them, organizations turn to UGC. Determine what inspires your audience to hit the share button. Incorporate your findings in your marketing plan. In the end, that will become the type you need to develop.

Messages Sent via Instant Messaging

Messages sent out via instant messaging applications are taking off as another example of new construction sales trends. Messaging apps are becoming an important tool in the construction industry. Consumers have embraced direct-messaging tools that are part of Facebook, Snapchat, or LinkedIn. Millions of active monthly users spend a lot of time sharing information on these types of apps. It is an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to send your message across a wide network.


Another type of sales content climbing the popularity ladder is voice content. In today’s world everyone uses a device to listen to news, podcasts, and more. Podcasts and other voice recordings allow your organization to engage with your audience on a new level. Record your content and your audience will be happy to listen to it.

#2 Sales CRM Software Is Becoming the Game Changer of Construction Sales Trends

One of the biggest construction sales trends is CRM software. If your sales team is not using one yet, it is time to make the investment. Sales CRM systems bring many benefits to construction sales teams and organizations. Sales software has evolved tremendously in recent years. It is now easier to integrate with job site software or even accounting systems. CRM data provides companies with valuable client insights, reports, and analytics. All in one place. Most CRMs help you do more than storing contacts and crunching sales numbers. You can now track opportunities and proposals and automate follow-up and sales activities. CRM software can be a true game-changer.

Technology adoption picked up pace in the last few years in the construction industry. Sales teams across all trades recognize how much easier it is to manage opportunities and client relationships with the help of a CRM. CRM systems are not only here to stay, but will keep evolving and help you become more efficient.

#3 Construction Sales Trend: Social Media Usage for Business

Another construction sales trend you need to adopt is using social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are definitely at the top of the popularity list. LinkedIn seems to have taken a new turn in the construction industry. Marketers and influencers used the LinkedIn platform to promote their services and brand. This is taking a turn for the construction industry. More and more sales and business development individuals embrace this social media platform. For example, the Groups feature allows professionals to connect with their target market. LinkedIn hashtags are also becoming useful when you’re trying to find content related to your interests.

It is important for the sales team to explore all existing social media avenues. Identify which ones work better for your organization. You’ll find there are potential leads on social media platforms as well. Interaction on social media may reveal customers, decision makers, or decision influencers. Using social media channels also allows the sales team to learn more about the target market. Remember, 51% of customers refer to social media to help make a product or service decision.

#4 Artificial Intelligence – One of the Newest Construction Sales Trends

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is entering the industry as one of the newest construction sales trends. Like CRM software, AI is here to stay and make an impact. AI introduces more technology for the construction experts to embrace. So let’s explore how AI will benefit the sales team.

Artificial Intelligence comes in many forms and from various sources. It could be a platform that informs you when your target market opens emails. It could be your own analysis of which client is more likely to award you a certain type of contract.

AI makes a difference when it comes to the quality of leads. It becomes easier to follow up on 300 qualified leads than 1,000 un-qualified ones. The results for lead qualification are excellent with AI. It also helps with tailoring your message to your clients. Thus, it is important for the sales team to embrace artificial intelligence.

You may wonder if this means that AI will replace sales professionals in the industry. The answer would be no! AI helps sales teams by reducing the time they spend on administrative tasks. Sales professionals gain more time to develop the customer relationships needed.

#5 Hello and Welcome On Board Gen Z

Perhaps one of the toughest construction sales trend is the change in generations within the workforce. If until now, the buzz was around millennials, now Gen Z is entering the workforce with new technological advancements and visions. This generation grew up during tough times, after the economic crisis of 2000 and 2008. Their ambition, perseverance, and innovation drives their success in the workplace. Gen Z are fluent digital natives that will help the construction sales teams reinvent. Embrace their approaches and collaborate with them as they are customer driven.

Millennials are now making their way up towards management and decision-making positions. Like Gen Z, Millennials are also fluent in technology because they grew up using it. Sales tools that leverage technology and AI will go a long way with this generation as well.

This will be an exciting decade. Educate Gen Z so they become fluent in construction processes. When they’ll apply their technology knowledge to the newly learned processes, it’ll be a win-win for all.

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