Construction Business Development Manager

Construction business development managers are the key in driving new business. They identify the right opportunities and build long-term relations with the right prospects. Learn more about what it takes to become a successful business development manager in the construction industry.

Construction Business Development Manager

Construction Business Development Manager Profile

Construction business development managers are the key in driving new business. They identify the right opportunities and build long-term relations with the right prospects. These are some of the elements that drive business growth and success in the industry. A successful business development manager in the construction industry must master key responsibilities. If you are seeking a new career or looking for a career change, you landed on the right page. Read more about how to build a career as a construction business development manager.

Construction Business Development Manager: Responsibilities

  1. Drive business growth
    Take an active approach towards identifying new opportunities. Complete and submit bid proposals. Coordinate and assist in the proposal process. Convince prospects and current customers to buy-in. Identify market opportunities. Create development plans and growth projects. 
  2. Conduct market and customer research
    It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to build a strong customer base. A construction business development manager must have strong analytical skills. It takes great research to bring in a new prospect to the table, or convince a decision-maker about a new idea. Conduct market analysis and get to know your competition. Knowing against who you compete helps you contribute towards the business growth factor.  Being able to conduct effective research not only saves time. It also gives you the necessary confidence to take the company to the next business level.  
  3. Manage collaboration at different levels
    Collaboration at different levels include: estimators, customers, decision-makers, or contractors. Collaborate with estimators to get  feedback and input on the bidding process. Establish long-lasting relationships with potential clients and prospects. Build rapport with decision-makers in the company to get approval for business development. Also, keep close collaboration with contractors and subcontractors for an on-time project outcome. Master collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the project, for a successful outcome.
  4. Adopt excellent communication
    Say the right thing at the right moment. To have a smooth collaboration with all stakeholders involved, make sure you communicate. It is crucial to know how to communicate and send the right message across. Tailor communication for all levels within the company and adjust based on needs. 
  5. Manage customer relationships
    Besides market and decision-makers, customers are the key elements that drive your business. Build long-lasting relationships with your customers.  Work with your customers to meet their expectations for a successful business relation. Conduct frequent check-ins and provide updates on the projects. Nurturing relationships with prospects and current customers is key to being successful. 
  6. Build your network
    Attend construction events and conferences. This will help you stay up to date with current and upcoming trends. Network with peers within the construction industry and exchange best practices and ideas. You can also join trade associations and business organizations to develop your network.
  7. Master technical skills
    Showing expertise in a CRM software takes you a long way in your career. Be knowledgeable of how to use a CRM software. Check out iDeal Software and learn more about how you can get deals with only three clicks. This software will help you start organized and on top of your business development game.


The average salary for a Construction Business Development Manager is $95,000/year. The highest salary can get up to $142,500 and the starting salary for this role is at $60,000/year. The more experience you get in the field and the more success you record, the more income you will get.

Education and Experience

Most employers ask for a bachelor’s degree. The degree can either be in management, sales, construction management, or anything related. Employers seek experienced individuals for this role. Experience anywhere between 5 to 15 years will qualify for this role.