Increase Sales Revenue Through Pipeline Management Software in Construction

What Is Pipeline Management Software?

Pipeline management software is a tool that helps sales teams manage their sales data and sales activities more effectively. There are a variety of different types of pipeline management software, and they all work in a slightly different way. The best pipeline management software is specifically designed to help sales teams manage all their opportunities, leads, prospects, clients and all sales activities associated with them in one place. This type of software is often referred to as “pipeline management CRM”.

What Is Pipeline Management Software

Why Is Pipeline Management Important?

Sales pipeline management software is a great way to manage a sales team’s pipeline. It involves building a workflow where all of the activities involved in generating new sales are automated. This means that the sales team can focus on the activities that generate the highest value for the business. This also means that they aren’t spending their time on activities that are generating lower value.

Must-have Features of Pipeline Management Software

Sales Pipeline Management is just one piece in the larger Enterprise Performance Management suite of solutions. While you don’t have to implement all solutions, successful construction companies have at least a financial system and a pipeline management software solution.

Sales pipeline management software like iDeal Construction CRM will help your sales team manage their pipeline in a more organized and efficient way. The software will contain a variety of features that will allow sales teams to manage their pipeline more effectively.

Some of the features that are typically included in this type of software include:

  • A visual sales pipeline with a drag and drop interface and different sections for all your sales pipeline stages.
  • Detailed client and contact pages that show open and closed opportunities with those clients and contacts and also your sales history with them.
  • Construction Proposal software is another must-have feature of pipeline management software, especially for companies who bid a lot of projects. Proposal software is crucial for expediting proposal creation and standardizing the look and feel of your company’s client-facing documents.
  • The software will also include a sales dashboard that will allow sales teams to track their pipeline.
  • You will also have a sales calendar that will allow you to track bid due dates, follow-up activities, tasks, events, and other important information.
  • You will also have a lead management section that will allow you to track leads and all the activities related to them
  • Your pipeline management software must also include sales reporting such as sales reports, forecasting and win rate reports, and activity reports to name a few
Must-Have Features of Pipeline Management Software

7 Benefits of Using Pipeline Management Software in Construction

There are a number of ways a construction company can increase revenue by using pipeline management software.

1. Better Manage Your Sales Pipeline in a Centralized Location

The main benefit of using a construction pipeline management software is that it will help you better manage your sales pipeline in a centralized location. This in turn, will allow you to increase your revenue. This software will make it easier to identify which opportunities, leads, and clients are bringing the highest value to your construction company and should be prioritized. It also helps to automate sales process flows so your sales team can focus on the most profitable opportunities.

2. Increase Sales Team Productivity

Pipeline management software will also allow you to define specific objectives and processes for your sales team members so that they know exactly what is expected of them and can be held accountable for achieving those objectives. This in turn, helps to increase the productivity of your sales team.

3. Identify Highest Revenue Generators

It will also allow you to easily identify which opportunities, leads, and clients are generating the highest revenue for your business. These are the very ones your sales team should be focusing their time and efforts on.

4. Identify Low Performing Clients and Opportunities in Your Sales Pipeline

Pipeline management software helps you identify which opportunities or clients are not generating the expected level of revenue for your business. In short, your sales pipeline management process will become a lot smoother with the use of a pipeline management software.

5. Focus on the Leads and Prospects Most Likely to Convert

Pipeline software can also help you track leads and prospects, their stages, activities, and probability of conversion. This makes it easier to determine which prospects should be at the top of the priority list for further development and sales call scheduling. It will also help to automate sales process flows so that the sales team is able to focus on the prospects most likely to convert.

6. Improve Your Sales Process Flow and Sales Methodology

Once your sales team is able to better manage their pipeline, your sales process will become as efficient as possible. You will be able to identify which sales process steps are causing the greatest amount of delays. You will also be able to automate certain sales process steps so that they can be executed automatically. As a result, you can decrease the amount of time spent on each step in the sales process.

7. Onboarding Salespeople Becomes Easier

One of the biggest challenges that many construction companies face is how to onboard new sales people. Pipeline management software makes it easier to onboard new sales people by automating certain steps in the sales process. This allows the new sales person to focus more on building their relationship with the existing clients and closing more profitable sales instead of trying to figure out the sales process.

Pipeline Management Software Benefits

Which Pipeline Management Software is Best for Construction

So, if you are ready to get started with a construction pipeline management software, we recommend iDeal CRM for Construction. It has all the must-have features of pipeline management software for construction listed above and then some.

iDeal CRM Features for Pipeline Management

iDeal Pipeline Board to Manage Bid Activity

Here are a few of the features that make iDeal Construction CRM a great Customer Relationship & Sales Management software for construction:

iDeal CRM Pricing

What also sets iDeal Construction CRM apart from competition is the full-featured free account. So if you’re looking for a sales management software free of charge, iDeal CRM is the solution for you. This way you can test drive all the features at your own pace without incurring any fees or obligations.

Once you decide to move forward with iDeal CRM, you have 3 subscription options depending on the number of users you want to use the system.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the benefits of using a construction pipeline management software are numerous. This software will make it easier to increase your revenue, improve your sales process flow, and identify which opportunities are most likely to close. This will free up your sales team to focus on closing more profitable deals. We hope that you will choose iDeal CRM for construction as your pipeline management software. Wishing you more leads, clients, and jobs going forward!

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